How to transfer your photos to a computer?

How to transfer your photos to a computer?

Photos for the computer.
Be it a USB memory, an external hard drive or a phone, it is totally possible to have the photos on our computer to retouch them! How?

Yes, importing images to your workstation is still the first step in any retouching. Of course, it will depend on the devices you have: Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, etc., since there are some subtleties between them.

From an iPhone , you can choose between several solutions to transfer your files:

  • If you have a Mac computer , iCloud is the easiest and most practical way to upload your photos. Thanks to a regular synchronization system of the phone, iCloud (which means “cloud” in English) updates automatically, whatever the medium used. You only need to have iCloud credentials to find your favorite photos anywhere. The magic of dematerialization!
  • If you have a Windows PC , you only need to import the photos by connecting your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable . Note that Windows 10 now offers a version similar to that of iCloud, called “Photos”, which is based on the same concept.
  • Also consider the AirDrop solution since, if you have two Apple devices , it works like Bluetooth. Connect your phone to your computer by activating the function on each device, and in nothing, you will have the photos transferred.

From an Android phone , things are a little less virtual, but just as simple.

In fact, the USB cable technique is one of the most effective in this regard. Simply connect your phone to the computer and drag the photos you want to a folder or to the desktop. Easy right?

On the other hand, if you don’t have a cable, there are transfer applications, such as WeTransfer, GoogleDrive or AirMore , that work through QR codes. Oh, the technology!

From a camera or an external device (USB type), it will again be the USB cable that will help you import your resources. Also, some digital photos come from a memory card. In this case, just copy them from the camera, insert the USB into the computer and transfer the photos to the computer .

Some MacOS do not have a memory card input, in this case, make sure you get a USB adapter, which will read your photos without problems. And you’re ready to attack image processing How to transfer your photos to a computer?

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