How to write a good practice report?

How to write a good practice report?

Once the practices are over, it is time to  write the practice report . This document allows the student to take stock of his experience and inform the jury. It helps to ask yourself key questions like:

  • Why did you choose these practices?
  • What have they contributed to you regarding your reflection on your professional project?
  • How do you imagine continuing your professional career after this experience?

They are questions that allow the student to reflect on their place in the company, the skills acquired, the difficulties they have encountered, etc.

How to write an internship report
The final document must be complete and clean.

To complete the practice report, several categories must be taken into account. In addition to  a cover page, as well as the appendices and the bibliography, the student must organize the first part of his practice report to  present the company, its environment, its organization chart, etc.

The second part is dedicated to the description of the tasks carried out by the student. Therefore, you must  explain the tasks that have been entrusted to you, the responsibilities that you have had to  carry out and make your self-criticism to analyze the functions that you have been able to carry out with ease, or if, on the contrary, you could not carry out .

The report should be structured with  an introduction, a summary, and a conclusion.  These parts are important because sometimes they are the only ones that are read (through the index).

To better organize yourself, it is recommended to take notes during the practice period and  not wait until the end to start writing.  Keeping a journal can help you prioritize information day after day or week after week. You should also talk to your tutor  to get the necessary information about the company and how it works.

To make it more visual, feel free to use images, such as photos of your internships or company infographics, to explain your tasks or the organization of the company. These little visual breaks allow the reader to breathe a little through all the text.

Finally, don’t forget to review the report for spelling mistakes and other errors! How to write a good practice report?

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