Professional development: how to find clients

Professional development: how to find clients

Professional coaching, among the 10 best professions of the future?

Our civilization, engaged in a process of globalization of exchanges, constantly changes the professional environment and the resistance of individuals and, at times, places them in delicate situations.

How to find clients for professional coaching
Pay attention to your professional coaching ad: what channel can you use to make yourself known?

Coaching covers several difficulties:

  • Stress management,
  • Human resources management,
  • Conflict management,
  • Frustration resulting in a lack of self-confidence, an inability to distance yourself,
  • Difficulties in relating training to the visibility of growing markets to find the best career path, etc.

In a situation in which the company marks the working life of a large part of the workforce,  becoming a professional coach is a helpful relationship for social insertion.

To find clients for personal coaching sessions , the coach will have to identify his target audience and know what coaching tools to use according to the needs of each person.

A professional coach cannot help everyone and must have a specialization: certified coach in non-violent communication, training in neurolinguistic programming (NLP), specialist in systems approach, transactional analysis, etc.

The coach must decide whether to target people who want a life coach, a boost in personal development, or CEOs who want a business coach.

The fundamental challenges of coaching (executive coaching, team coaching, personal coaching) lie in the  ability to optimize your range of services : help with a professional change, with a leadership change in marketing strategy, with your interpersonal skills, with preparing for job interviews, etc.

Thus,  you have to know who to direct your services to : employees, managers, shareholders, executives, salespeople, political leaders, companies in difficulties or bankrupt, etc.

There is a percentage of people who want to change jobs who want to increase their income and thus benefit from upward social mobility.

To attract the maximum number of clients, coaches have several methods:

  • Do a market study: demand analysis, competitive intelligence, price analysis,
  • Develop communication strategies: website, social networks, word of mouth, associations, conventions for entrepreneurs, etc.
  • Define your methodological support,
  • Pay attention to your ad: (photo, text, experience, training to become a coach, previous references).

To find the first clients, a first session, called an exploratory session, is usually offered free of charge to identify with them their professional goals and their action plan. Professional development: how to find clients

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