How to write a photography teacher ad

How to write a photography teacher ad

In recent years, the market for tutoring has exploded, regardless of discipline. In order  to gain a foothold in this highly competitive market , the teacher will have to stand out from the crowd with an attractive advertisement.

The teacher must specify in his ad:

  • Your titles,
  • Your experience as a professional photographer,
  • The price of the classes,
  • The class packages (most affordable),
  • The type of teaching (small group classes or individual classes),
  • If you teach online classes,
  • The content of the photography classes,
  • The duration of the photography classes (4-hour session, short photo session …).

Don’t forget to include a profile photo to get the attention of as many students as possible, or even upload your own photos to give an overview of your work.

It is advisable that during the classes, you demonstrate your ability to listen and your teaching skills in order to build a solid reputation on Superprof, as students can leave opinions about their teachers.

Set the price of your photography classes: How to write a photography teacher ad

Average prices for private photography classes

Do you want to work as a photography teacher but don’t know how to set the price for your classes ?

How to set the price of your classes
If you have a good background in photography, you can raise your rates!

At Superprof, it is the teacher who decides on their own the price of their photo-taking, wedding photography or analog photography classes. The price is generally the first thing a student looks for when looking for a  private teacher.  The important thing is that you do not raise the price too much or lower it too much either, since you run the risk that the students will not take you seriously.

Here is a brief of the average prices of photography classes at Superprof:

  • Photography class in Madrid: 15 euros,
  • Photography class in Barcelona: 14 euros,
  • Photography class in Valencia: 12 euros,
  • Photography class in Seville: 15 euros,
  • Photography class in Zaragoza: 17 euros,
  • Photography class in Malaga: 9 euros,
  • Photography class in Murcia: 13 euros,
  • Photography class in Bilbao: 15 euros,
  • Photography class in Palma de Mallorca: 9 euros.

The geographical area  of your classes will therefore be the first criterion that you should take into account when setting the price of your photography classes. In general, photography teachers who teach classes in large cities charge more, but you can raise your prices depending on the content and specialty of your classes.

Before organizing an introductory photography workshop in a studio or photographic studio, the teacher should do a  little analysis of the competition  in their area. Priced in line with current offerings, you will have a better chance of succeeding as a photography teacher! How to write a photography teacher ad

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