Interior Project Representation Course

Interior Project Representation Course

description: Interior Project Representation Course

The Interior Project Representation Expert course will allow you to specialize in the graphic representation of interior design to expand professional opportunities in this job market. Through practical exercises in different computer programs, you will be able to learn all the interior design representation techniques.

You will be able to conceive and develop plans at an expert level, working with 3D modeling through the Autodesk 3DStudio Max program to carry out interior design projects with functional, formal and technical solutions. You will have all the most demanded requirements in domestic and commercial decoration projects.

college degree: Interior Project Representation Course

At the end of this  online course , you will obtain your own degree from  Universidad San Jorge , where  the contents and credits corresponding to the hours of study are indicated.

previous requirements: Interior Project Representation Course

For the correct development of the course it is necessary to  have knowledge  of Autocad and technical architectural drawing.

During the course the following programs will be used:  Adobe Photoshop ,  Illustrator, Autodesk Autocad  and  3D Studio Max.

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without obligation: Interior Project Representation Course

Spain (+34)

course contents

1 \ Computer-aided drawing: Interior Project Representation Course

  1. Fundamentals
  2. Initiation into the program
  3. Drawing and editing
  4. Layers
  5. Object properties
  6. Dimensioning
  7. Print

2 \ Architectural technical drawing

  1. Investigation
  2. Standardization in architectural technical drawing
  3. Proportion and scale
  4. Graphical conventions
  5. Architectural survey
  6. Composition
  7. Perspective representation
  8. Color techniques in technical drawing

3 \ Construction materials and techniques

  1. The constructive process
  2. Constructive system: the structure
  3. Constructive system: the facade
  4. Construction system: the roof
  5. Construction system: interior divisions and cladding
  6. Constructive system: the finishes
  7. The design project
  8. Construction pathologies

4 \ Drawing of interior design projects

  1. Image treatment with Adobe® Photoshop®
  2. Digital illustration and graphic design with Adobe® Illustrator®
  3. DAO for the interior design project with Autocad®

5 \ 3D modeling

  1. Previous concepts
  2. Recognizing the program
  3. Basic work in 3Dstudio
  4. From 2D to 3D
  5. Mesh editing
  6. Introduction to polygon modeling
  7. Cameras
  8. Materials
  9. illumination
  10. Rendering
  11. Mental Ray
  12. Introduction to animation

6 \ Final Expert Project

Preparation and presentation of a final Expert Project

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