Revit Course

Revit Course

description: Revit Course

Learn to handle Autodesk® Revit® , the most advanced and widely used specific application for BIM modeling, with real ease  .

With this 100% online course you will be able to prepare yourself to work professionally with this powerful tool, designing efficient and high-quality buildings.

objectives of this course: Revit Course

The main objective of this training is to enable you to handle Autodesk software, Revit , and learn to make modeling of the architectural design, construction, and engineering of a complete building with it.

Autodesk® Revit® has become the most advanced and most widely used BIM application of the moment internationally, surpassing the classic CAD tools. For this reason, a tailored and personalized training focused on this software is increasingly necessary , to help you solve future professional challenges in the architecture and construction sector.

professional outings: Revit Course

With this course you will be specializing in an application that is becoming more and more relevant in the sector, since even the Ministry of Development plans to request that public equipment be produced in BIM, leaving the classic CAD behind .

Thus, with this training you will be updated and qualified to work in architecture and interior design studios ; in architecture departments of companies in the Construction sector ; in furniture design companies and architectural components ; and in engineering and construction companies , among others.


San Jorge University degree

At the end of this  online Revit Course , you will obtain your own degree from  Universidad San Jorge , where  the contents and study credits are indicated, in this case  6 ECTS credits .

previous requirements

To carry out this online course it is necessary to have prior knowledge of architectural technical drawing .

teaching materials

With the course registration, the option to download the educational license of the Revit program is offered , only compatible with Windows.

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course contents

1 \ Complete syllabus of this online course: 8 teaching units

The theoretical-practical contents of this course are structured in eight separate teaching units . These units are as follows:

  • Unit 1 : Introduction to the BIM methodology with Revit
  • Unit 2 : Getting Started
  • Unit 3 : Establish the foundations of a project
  • Unit 4 : Basic Volumetry
  • Unit 5 : Perforations, Gaps and Openings
  • Unit 6 : Vertical circulation
  • Unit 7 : Location and components
  • Unit 8 : Graphic project documentation

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