Learn African dances

Learn African dances

You can also learn to dance to the rhythm of traditional African music .

Get in shape by following the rhythm of African music.
African dances are energetic and joyful. Photo: hoyasmeg on VisualHunt / CC BY

African dances are known primarily for their speed and energy . That’s why these styles are great for those who want to tone every muscle in their body with wide, abrupt movements.

But don’t worry, you don’t need the stamina of an elite athlete to practice African dances: the trick is to choose the most suitable style for you based on your speed.

Kizomba, zouglou or kuduro: in Africa there are slow and sensual dances, but also others more energetic and sporty , perfect for sculpting your body. The same is the case with music: while some dances are practiced with more traditional rhythms, others use more recent musical styles, such as Afro House .

There are African dances for all tastes!

In addition to dance classes, some cultural centers offer African music classes. With African percussions like the djembe , students can learn to dance to the rhythm of their own melodies, like real artists! Learn African dances

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