Oriental dance steps

Oriental dance steps

Oriental dance is the ideal discipline for those who want to achieve a flat and toned stomach.

Belly dance comes from North Africa and allows those who practice it to gain self-confidence and get to know their body better. Students can study their physiology and better master each part of their body. Thanks to the good atmosphere that reigns in the classes, more and more people are in love with oriental dance.

In addition to toning the belly, oriental dance helps you work:

  • The Twins.
  • The hips.
  • The muscles of the back.
  • Buttocks.
  • The pectorals.
  • The waist.
  • Arms.
  • ABS.
  • Etc.

Regardless of your level, you will soon discover that oriental dance knows no limits when it comes to the scenic beauty of its shows. The students will have, of course, to get themselves some typical costumes with veils and body jewels, but they will not have to waste time looking for suitable footwear: they dance barefoot!

Before going to your first oriental dance class, you should bear in mind that there are different styles of dance. Our advice: sign up for a trial class at a dance association or school to see which style you like best before making a final decision.

And dare to get a body scandal with belly dancing!

How to learn Irish dance: Oriental dance steps

Fun, energetic, dynamic… Irish dance has it all!

The smallest of the house will also enjoy learning to dance.
The Irish jig attracts all kinds of audiences.

Thanks to the international dance show ‘Riverdance’, Irish dance has become a show and a competition. However, the jig dates back many centuries. Do you dare to discover the exciting history of Irish dance?

The Irish jig is practiced with a specific type of clothing, so you probably have to go shopping.

With Irish dance classes you can discover styles such as:

  • Set dancing.
  • Ceili dancing.
  • Hornpipe dance.
  • Polka dance.
  • Step dancing.
  • Two hand dancing.
  • Three hand figure.
  • Reel dance.
  • Single jig.
  • Etc.

Irish dance students enjoy music first and foremost.

In general, dance teachers use the occasional remix of traditional Irish music. However, there are also teachers who resort to live music with Irish musicians , especially in the case of official competitions. There is no better way to boost your motivation than to enjoy live music, don’t you think?

All that said, which of these styles would you like to learn? Oriental dance steps

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