Learn to dance in Madrid

Learn to dance in Madrid

In addition to being the capital of our beautiful country, Madrid is also the perfect place to immerse yourself in the exciting world of dance .

With the quality teaching that is given in the prestigious dance schools of Madrid, cha-cha, ballet and jazz will not hide any secrets for you. Teachers in Madrid schools allow their students to discover artistic improvisation, body expression and musicality in an integrated way that will make them fully enjoy this art.

Enjoy learning ballet.
Enjoy dancing with real professionals.

Among its more than three million inhabitants, in the Spanish capital there are thousands of teachers eager to transmit their passion for dance. Thus, it will be very easy for you to find dance classes adapted to your expectations, your budget and your favorite dance style.

If you want to receive salsa madrid classes , whether you are looking for classes for an initial level, such as intermediate or advanced, surely these centers meet (and exceed) your expectations:

  • The Víctor Ullate Ballet dance school , one of the schools par excellence in classical dance training.
  • The Fama School, ideal for taking salsa , hiphop, funky, tango classes … A thousand styles!
  • The Círculo de Baile academy, another of the most recognized schools in the city.

If you are clear that dancing is your passion and you want it to become your professional career , do not hesitate to enroll in the conservatory (professional and / or / superior) and give everything to master the art of dance to perfection. Can you see yourself on the posters of the Gran Vía musicals?

What if you take some bachata classes ? Learn to dance in Madrid

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