Learn to dance salsa in Madrid

Learn to dance salsa in Madrid

If you want to learn to dance salsa in Madrid , as a first option you can sign up for one of the many dance schools in the city:

  • Fama dance school : they offer classes in Cuban salsa, salsa online, salsa caleña, salsa chica, salsa and Latin dances, bachata, traditional bachata, sensual bachata, kizomba, Afro-Cuban and rumba.
  • Vueltas dance school : the flat rate of € 20 per month allows you to come to classes of bachata, Cuban salsa and salsa linea, kizomba, zumba, hiphop, funky and capoeira.
  • Flow dance school : they teach dance classes and activities of the most varied. From Latin dances: online salsa classes, Cuban salsa classes, bachata classes, wheel classes; kizomba classes, etc.
  • U! Dance: you will get good and fast results thanks to its unique and pedagogical method based on maximizing the teaching level quickly and with results for all levels.

If you prefer gyms , at Ritmos Escuela de baile y gym, classes are focused on salsa (Cuban style and online), bachata and merengue. Feel free to visit them for more information!

Dance schools in Seville
Join one of the many salsa academies!

Finally, you have the option of learning salsa with a private teacher . At Superprof , there are many salsa teachers in Madrid who will improve the level of salsa of their students, in a lasting and professional way. With an average price of € 26 per hour, there are classes for all budgets: from € 10 to € 70 per class, depending on the experience of the teachers. Learn to dance salsa in Madrid

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