Learning to dance in a disco: urban styles

Learning to dance in a disco: urban styles

Do you like to party and dance at the disco? Are you tired of always dancing in the same way? Again, private dance classes will help you vary your steps according to the style and give your personal touch to the dance floor.

Latin dances are currently very fashionable in nightclubs.
Salsa, tango, belly dance… All these dances have their sensual side. They can be perfect for couples!

As in all areas, trends evolve and fashions pass and return. Taking urban dance classes , such as hip-hop, will help you improve your dance skills and shine in the clubs.

Feel free to watch videos of your favorite artists and groups of the moment to detect new trends. So you can take interesting steps and perfect your technique. Among the different urban dances there are several different styles with quite marked movements:

  • Hip-hop movements: boogaloo, hype, krump or new-school.
  • Le twerk: a trend in video clips for several years.
  • Le shuffle: with his swift foot movements.
  • Le voguing: it is very current and uses the poses of the models. It started in the American gay community, but it has spread far and wide.

Don’t forget to practice to improve your level of seduction!

And how do you dance in the discos? Above all, focus on the music so that you can follow the rhythm and move along with it.

To learn to dance, you have to dance. Forget the gaze of others and your complexes and jump into the pool! Your passion for dance will take you to limit your universe and try all the dances.

And why not go to group classes of salsa, bachata, waltz, madison, cha cha cha, acrobatic rock, pole dance, Latin and tropical dances, oriental dance, tango or country? The list is immensely long! One thing is for sure: you can always keep dancing. Feel free to take advantage of trial classes at schools or take part in private courses.

If you live in the capital, we have many teachers teaching salsa Madrid classes for example. Why don’t you contact them?

Also in Barcelona, ​​you will find dance classes in Barcelona  or salsa classes in Barcelona . Don’t hesitate to take a look! Learning to dance in a disco: urban styles

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