Where to give dance classes?

Where to give dance classes?

In order to live off your passion for dance, you still need to find the right place to practice your profession !

Different places where you can give dance classes
Schools, conservatories, civic centers: choose the establishment that suits you best!

Beginning choreographers, who do not know their work well, sometimes present themselves as candidates for inappropriate positions due to lack of experience or little related to their professional project. Outcome? They quickly become discouraged, they think that it will be impossible for them to practice their profession. However, many establishments are actively looking for candidates to respond to the increasingly insistent demands of future professional dancers.

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First of all, the dance teacher has to decide the status that suits him best:

1. Employee
2. Self-employed

As an employee, the professional dancer will benefit from all the advantages that private companies offer: social coverage, indefinite work contract, fixed hours, etc. However, some choreographers seek greater flexibility and freedom in the exercise of their profession as a freelancer.
As a freelancer, the dancer can give his private classes at home at any level (classes for children, adolescents, adults, for couples, etc.). No company will have a profit margin on your salary: in addition, you can also earn a living by giving weekly classes or offering intensive courses.

What’s more, the self-employed can take on the responsibility of creating their own dance school!

In this case, the dance teacher may set up his own company and organize festivals, shows or introductory sessions to the world of dance and music.

However, if the professor chooses to be an employee, then he can apply to the following structures:

• The existing dance conservatories in Spain
• The dance schools or academies
• The music and drama
schools • The colleges, institutes or universities
• The civic associations or centers
• The private agencies that offer classes at home

That is, there are many places where you can teach dance in a professional way: everything will depend on the profile of the candidate, as well as their expectations.

Diplomas, titles or even dance styles… The demands will be different depending on where the choreographer presents his CV. All profiles are accepted and can find their place in the private education market.

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