Master in Master in Management of Sports Centers and Management of Fitness Wellness Programs

Master in Master in Management of Sports Centers and Management of Fitness Wellness Program


This master’s degree will allow you to fully specialize in the management and direction of all kinds of sports centers , gyms, clubs or sports schools. You will not only train for the business management of a sports center , but also for the programming of all its directed physical activities .

This higher education is ideal for professionals in the health and sports sector , instructors and teachers of directed activities or students who wish to specialize in this field and grow professionally in their sector.

With the master’s degree in sports management, you will be able to successfully face the business management of a Sports Center  and program all its activities. We highlight the skills in economic, financial and social aspects, as well as the technical requirements necessary to adequately serve users.

objectives of this course: Master in Master in Management of Sports Centers and Management of Fitness Wellness Programs

This course prepares you to develop the principles of strategic planning and apply them to sports entities of all kinds , developing a complete management and direction work, from financial and accounting aspects to the programming of sports activities and events.

You will be trained to exercise leadership and dynamization of work teams and you will be able to successfully develop your professional work in the sports sector. You will learn to:

  1. Knowing how to use sports management tools.
  2. Know legal aspects that affect sports entities.
  3. Have basic knowledge of sports marketing and financial management.
  4. Know the technical characteristics of the fitness and wellness service.

professional outings: Master in Master in Management of Sports Centers and Management of Fitness Wellness Programs

This online master’s degree in Sports Center Management and Fitness Wellness Program Management prepares you to develop your professional work in the sports and fitness-wellness sector, working as director of a sports complex , public or private, but also as:

  • Regional, provincial or local coordinator of sports activities
  • Coordinator of technical sports services in public or private companies
  • Coordinator of public or private sporting events
  • Responsible for sports centers, gyms or chains in the sector
  • Director or manager of sports centers with personal trainers and directed activities and of fitness and health centers
  • Director of sports schools and school sports programs for schools and AMPAS


San Jorge University degree

Once you finish your studies, you will obtain your  own degree  awarded by  Universidad San Jorge . The title will include the course content, as well as the ECTS credits obtained, in this case  60 ECTS credits .

previous requirements

To access the  Master’s degrees  , one of the following requirements must be met:

  • Be in possession of the Bachelor’s degree or declared equivalent. 
  • To be in possession of the qualification of Superior Technician of Professional Training , or of Superior Technician in Plastic Arts and Design or Superior Sports Technician.
  • Be over 25 years of age with at least 1 year of accredited professional experience related to the content of the training.
  • Be a university graduate or be studying a degree at the San Jorge University itself.

If this last access requirement is met, the degree issued will be a Master’s degree. Otherwise, the student will obtain a Specialization Diploma.

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