Open Higher Design Studies

Open Higher Design Studies

The Dsigno center is a 100% online School of Design , which has the accreditation of Edexcel, an educational body regulated by the British government, a guarantee of quality control over educational systems. This school was born from the union of Open Higher Studies, SEAS and ESI, the latter with 25 years of experience in higher university training in design areas. Dsigno courses provide adequate professional skills to enter the labor market.

The experience and trajectory of the ESI center, a reference in Graphic Design, Interiors, Fashion, Web and Product , value the creative capacity of the student. With the online methodology of this center, the student will have the support of a group of professionals for a study with personalized attention and the most efficient management of time. With its courses you will be able to acquire all the necessary skills to dedicate yourself professionally in any of the multiple areas of Design.

Dsigno educational model: Open Higher Design Studies

Dsigno  is a Center for Open Higher Studies in Design , which provides  training in Design 100% online , with all quality criteria and guarantees of success. This institution was born from the union of two pioneering centers: the ESI Design School in Valladolid, a benchmark in graphic, fashion, web and product design; and the SEAS center, the leader in online training in Spain. 

The Dsigno methodology  allows flexible and personalized online training   for each student, allowing setting the pace and distribution of study hours each month. The meeting point is the Virtual Campus, a virtual platform where the student will have available at any time all the contents of the course: theory, practical exercises, forums to consult doubts …

The Dsigno center offers a wide variety of courses with own college degree in the areas of  Graphic Design ,  Interior Design and  Fashion Design , adapted to the latest needs of the market.

Advantages of the Dsigno center: Open Higher Design Studies

The methodology developed by the Dsigno center has many advantages valued by its students:

  • Personalized attention . The student is the absolute protagonist of the course, with personalized attention in the hands of tutors, coordinators and campus teachers, so that the student completes the training with a high degree of satisfaction.
  • Official University Recognition . All Dsigno programs have the recognition of the Universidad San Jorge, which grants ETCS credits, for the maximum use of the study.
  • Specialized teachers . Dsigno’s teaching team is made up of professionals active in their respective areas of knowledge. The syllabi for each course are prepared and validated by teachers who are up-to-date in their fields and who are valid for accessing the labor market.
  • Own online platform . Dsigno has a virtual campus from which the student can access the contents of their course anywhere at any time.

What courses does this center teach?: Open Higher Design Studies

Dsigno courses deal with subjects related to the  Design sector . This field of knowledge is multidisciplinary, since it covers content of a different nature and from very different departments. The center is emerging as a unique benchmark at the national level, allowing online training of audiovisual materials with updated content adapted to the needs of the labor market.

The training catalog of this center is grouped into the following  areas of knowledge:

  • Interior Design ( Interior  Spaces, Scenography, Ephemeral Spaces, Landscaping …)
  • Fashion Design ( Pattern , Styling, Trends …)
  • Graphic Design (Visual Creativity, Photography, 3D Modeling …)

Who is Dsigno training for?: Open Higher Design Studies

Dsigno’s training offer is aimed at those students interested in joining the  labor market in the field of Design , both working in a public or private company, and for those self-employed who want to promote professional projects; In addition, many courses are aimed at professionals interested in a  specialization .

Within the areas of knowledge and levels present in Dsigno’s offer, this center has prestigious professionals and teachers belonging to the ESI School of Design  , a reference center, in its sector located in Valladolid.

Enrollment requirements in Dsigno

To enroll in Dsigno studies, it will be necessary to attend to the  level of each training  to know the access requirements. Attending to this category, we can find the following levels:

  • Master’s studies  . It will be necessary to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • Studies for  Specialists . It will be necessary to prove professional experience in the field of study.
  • Studies for  Experts . It will be necessary to have a 1st or 2nd cycle degree or professional experience.
  • Higher or Technical Courses . It will not be necessary to present access requirements.

For the rest of the training courses, there will be no specific requirement or proof of theoretical or professional experience prior to enrollment.

Dsigno teaching team

The quality and professionalism of Dsigno is defined by the teaching team that integrates it. Its faculty is made up of coordinators, tutors, professional and specialized teachers in each sector of study of the Dsigno degrees. The three educational profiles that make up Dsigno are divided into the following positions:

  • The  coordinators , in charge of explaining the study methodology to the enrolled students and analyzing their progress as the course evolves, contrasting them with the objectives set.
  • The  guardian  group, performing a continuous monitoring of the student, guiding and motivating during the training process.
  • The   specialist teachers of each subject, who personally plan the study, personally solving the doubts raised by the student and providing the basic information and necessary complements.

Where is the central building of Dsigno

The central building and headquarters of Dsigno, Open Higher Design Studies, is located in  Valladolid  (Pº Arco de Ladrillo 72-74, 47007).

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