Visual Merchandising and Retail Design Course

Visual Merchandising and Retail Design Course

description: Visual Merchandising and Retail Design Course

This advanced course in Visual Merchandising and Retail Design will allow you to have practical training adapted to the current needs of the labor market. Learn to work on interior design projects, to create stands for fairs and designs for the arrangement of products in shop windows and department stores.

You will acquire the necessary knowledge to analyze the location and target of each project, evaluating the different design alternatives for the exhibition and sale of products.

Title: Visual Merchandising and Retail Design Course

At the end of this course, you will obtain a university degree from the University of San Jorge , which specifies the skills you have acquired in the course and the ECTS credits obtained.

previous requirements: Visual Merchandising and Retail Design Course

For the correct development of this higher course it is necessary to have  Autocad .

teaching materials

This course includes  online classes , which you can follow both live and delayed through the virtual campus. In this way, you can learn  on your own schedule , making the most of your time.

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course contents

1 \ Computer-aided drawing

  1. Fundamentals
  2. Initiation into the program
  3. Drawing and editing
  4. Layers
  5. Object properties
  6. Dimensioning
  7. Print

2 \ Architectural technical drawing


  1. Investigation
  2. Standardization in architectural technical drawing
  3. Proportion and scale
  4. Graphical conventions
  5. Architectural survey
  6. Composition
  7. Perspective representation
  8. Color techniques in technical drawing

3 \ Visual merchandising

  1. Retail desing
  2. Brand
  3. Target
  4. Analysis of the place that the world of design occupies within the environment of commercial strategy at all its scales
  5. Processes and strategies for the design of commercial spaces
  6. Layout and circulations
  7. Spatial elements
  8. Built-in elements
  9. Exterior design
  10. Project

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