Our tips for getting started in Photoshop

Our tips for getting started in Photoshop

Photoshop editor
Whether it’s a selfie or a landscape photo, Photoshop will help you with whatever you want.

29 years old … That’s how old Photoshop is today! This pioneer of image processing, which sells for € 288 per year, offers a free 30-day version, to allow us to test whether it is intuitive enough for us.

Such should be the case, as Photoshop elements have become the foundation of photo editing. By uploading it to the adobe.com page , using an easy-to-create Adobe ID code, you can edit photos with just a few clicks .

The Photoshop interface: Our tips for getting started in Photoshop

So what is the Photoshop express interface like ? The latter is quite well distributed, since we find all the basic elements of a photo editing software.

In the center, in the work area, we find the file with which we are going to work. At the top of the screen, the menu bar provides us with all the necessary tools to make the necessary changes instantly, such as “file”, “image” or even the options bar, with the clipping path.

A paid version but full of possibilities. Yes, because on the right , these are characteristics that are presented to us: we find different tabs such as “Layers” or “Properties”, to better assimilate the information of the online photo.

Photoshop Features

Starting to use Photoshop is very simple, since it is a very complete software that competes with free programs. It will allow you to create a blank image, as well as completely retouch an existing creation , and modify it as we want.

For example, to zoom in on a photo, there are three techniques:

  • Hold down the «Alt» key and use the mouse wheel to zoom in.
  • Click on the “Tools” menu, then on “Zoom”, placing the mouse in the desired place.
  • Enter the zoom percentage you want in the small box at the bottom left of the screen.

We say that it is very complete, as it is full of different little features. Image processing has never been so innovative! Among other more or less basic features that Adobe Photoshop offers, we find:

  • Delete elements of the image.
  • Resize a photo.
  • Change the color of an image to black and white.
  • Process jpeg, gif or png formats.
  • Correct blemishes and red eyes.
  • And many more…

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