Put an image in black and white

Put an image in black and white

With Mac Aperture , simply click on the “Tools” tab, then “Color Adjustment” and drag the “Saturation” slider all the way to the left. Your image will appear in black and white. You will probably play with the contrasts and brightness to obtain a more beautiful and better worked image.

In Photoshop, it is even easier. In the “color” panel, click on the square consisting of two rectangles (one empty and one full) corresponding to black and white. Again, feel free to play with contrasts, levels, curves, and brightness for deep, nuanced, and worked black and white.

If you are on Windows, there are online tools that allow you to pass a black and white image, although the quality will be lower.

Using filters, editing photos online, cropping an image, hiding an unsightly element, all of this will be available once you master the basics of image editing. Are you ready to become a true graphic designer?

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