Professional coaching classes in Barcelona

Professional coaching classes in Barcelona

“What if I don’t live in Madrid?” Do not worry! The capital is not the only city with a wide range of professional coaches . The rest of the cities (mainly large) in Spain also have a wide range of coaching professionals in Barcelona .

Let’s now take a look at Barcelona.

In Barcelona we find offices such as Coaching Barcelona, ​​by Sergi Mora, who have been working for more than 10 years with three different styles of coaching and developing personalized growth techniques.

Learn to write a good CV with a professional coach.
Ask your coach for help with your CV.

You can also sign up for professional coaching sessions in Barcelona in other cabinets, such as Lo Bueno si Breve, made up of a group of psychologists and coaches who offer all those interested to follow a psychotherapy both online and on-site, totally tailored. In the case of coaching , this office is committed to blocks of intensive and personalized sessions to achieve the objectives in the best possible way and in the shortest possible time.

And you may wonder: what do I have to do once I have already found a coach ?

Well, the objective of a professional coach is to accompany you in your project, whatever it may be. Its objective is that you move in the right direction, for which it will provide you with the tools that suit you best. Therefore, each tool and resource must be fully adapted to you. After all, each profile is a world.

Thus, the first step for a coach is to define your profile. Professional coaches will ask you questions about your journey and your skills. He may also give you a personality test or quiz , such as an enneagram .

Once they have defined your profile and your goals, they will draw up, with your help, a plan to establish an action program with different content: oral exercises, CV writing, communication skills… You will only have to practice. Professional coaching classes in Barcelona

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