Professional coaching classes in Madrid

Professional coaching classes in Madrid

A professional career requires work, time, and effort.

Throughout your entire professional life you will have to overcome many obstacles and difficulties. A specific training, a reconversion, a change of position, the creation of a company … Some work situations can turn into real challenges.

To help you in these periods of your life, professional coaches offer supportive accompaniment. Business coaching classes can help you learn to speak in public, manage a team, deal with stress and a long etcetera.

What if you opt for outdoor coaching?
You can also take your coaching sessions to the retreat.

Of course, keep in mind that the coaches professionals do not work exclusively for persons employed. In fact, if you are looking for a job, the support of a coach can come in handy if you need a little help to prepare an interview, review your CV or your cover letter, etc.

Whatever your situation, professional coaches in Madrid can help you tackle any job challenge you set yourself with more energy.

And, as it is not surprising, in the Spanish capital there is no shortage of coaches . Madrid, the largest city in Spain, can be the perfect place to find the ideal coach because the offer is so wide.

If you live in the capital and you are looking for a coach, you may be interested in consulting the offer of cabinets or individuals such as:

  • El prado psychologists : psychological office that offers different services, among which we find coaching. They use coaching tools and combine them with others taken from complementary disciplines to offer the most complete training possible.
  • Madrid Psychology Center: this psychological office in the capital also offers coaching sessions among its many services. In addition, it distinguishes between personal, executive, team or even health coaching.
  • Fernando Callejo: He is one of the most renowned coaches based in the capital. He is the founder of the UPAD psychology center, which also offers specialized coaching services.

Conflict management, communication skills, emotion management, development of job skills, reconversion, human relations, collective intelligence … We advise you, before starting the sessions, to review the content program with your coach and indicate in which elements you would be interested emphasize. Professional coaching classes in Madrid

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