Reasons to take dance classes

Reasons to take dance classes

Dance is a sports discipline and an artistic discipline, so it is a perfect way to lead a healthy and happy life.

Dance for health.
Dance serves to tone the body and improve your well-being. To be happy, dance!

Narrow waist, muscular arms and strong legs: a dream body that dancers often have, whom many envy. However, to achieve this result, dance experts must show seriousness and motivation. It will not be enough to attend dance classes twice a month. It will be necessary to take weekly classes (whether group or private), but it will also be necessary to tone up daily.

To achieve a healthy and toned body through dance , the ideal is to perform dance sessions with cardio sessions or sports dance, such as zumba, fitness or the bar on the floor.

Recently, American choreographers have established a new discipline: Ballet Fit , which allows you to review the steps of classical dance while toning the body in an energetic way. Shoulders, legs and abs: numerous muscles are worked during a Ballet Fit session to obtain a sporty body, while expanding the musical repertoire.

Octavie Escure, the promoter of this movement, explained in the 20 minutes newspaper on February 6, 2015 that:  “The idea arose from the desire that my friends had to start in classical dance. They liked it and they told their friends, and they told others. […] The body is like a spring, if you force it, it yields ».

Dancing allows you to relax the muscles of the body, as well as the tension that you may have accumulated after a stressful week. Many couples choose to take family dance classes (dance classes as a couple, for children or for adolescents) in cultural centers or sports associations.

To feel good about your body and your mind, there is nothing better than a dance class.

Places to take dance classes

Schools, associations, dance centers: there are numerous places where you can perfect your dance steps in the different cities of Spain.

Dance in the conservatory.
Only a few can receive classes at the conservatory, as you must pass the complex entrance exam.

The choice of the place is essential to take dance classes adapted to your wishes. In fact, if you choose an inappropriate course for your level or an inappropriate pedagogical method, you may quickly lose interest in dance. Therefore, it is important to read the description of the classes well and see what can best suit your personality.

Taking group classes will allow you to learn values ​​such as respect for your partner, verbal and physical communication and perseverance. Group classes are perfect for meeting people and testing your dance level, setting a final goal that you will have to achieve after a certain period of time. Establishing a friendly relationship with other classmates is ideal to better understand the spirit of the course and share your fears and your achievements.

In Spain you will find:

  • Conservatories
  • Non-professional dance associations
  • Professional dance associations
  • Private dance schools
  • Public dance schools

Each structure has its own sports facilities for classes, so you won’t have to search for any dance studios.

If you prefer to take private dance classes to progress more quickly, keep in mind that you can benefit from personalized follow-up and online dance exercises to easily review between classes.

Where can you go to take private dance lessons?

  • Online Teacher Ads
  • Advertisements in newspapers and magazines
  • Private private tuition agencies
  • Word of mouth
  • Advertisements in dance schools

Taking classes at home will allow you to work on your autonomy and develop artistic improvisation with a qualified choreographer. In private dance classes, the lesson usually takes place in a dance studio that is rented, but it can also be at the student’s home or at the teacher’s home, as long as it has the appropriate facilities.

Put on the tutu and the tips and dance! If you live in the capital, do not hesitate to look for dance classes in Madrid . Reasons to take dance classes

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