Classical dance courses: why practice with a private teacher?

Classical dance courses: why practice with a private teacher?

Do you prefer classical dance to bachata, zumba or flamenco? Classical dance classes may attract you for the following reasons:

  • The fear of being seen by other people : regardless of your age, weight, gender or shyness, there are many factors that can stop you from practicing classical dance. Thanks to the private classes, only you and the teacher will be there. Also, the teacher will help you with body expression so that you can feel comfortable with your body.
  • The lack of availability : is it difficult to take classes at the same time two days a week? Do your work hours usually change? Private tutors offer the advantage of going to your home and being flexible in terms of the schedule, since they can be adapted to your schedule.
  • An objective in time : whether to study a performing arts baccalaureate, a contest or an end-of-year show, the private teacher is the best option, as they will adapt to your needs. It can help you correct your mistakes and progress, thus saving a lot of time.
  • The classical dance teacher’s full attention : during group classes, despite the teacher’s goodwill, it is impossible to correct everyone. On the other hand, in private lessons, the teacher will only have to be aware of you and your positions, « en-dehors », «ronds-de-jambe» or pirouettes. This will allow you to progress at your own pace, without the risk of injury.
  • A complement to group classes : do you take group classes but want to progress faster? The attention of the private teacher will allow you to progress more quickly.

To find dance classes at home , try the first class, which at Superprof is usually free.

Classical dance private classes.
Thanks to the classes at home, you can prepare a dance show.


In conclusion…

  • Classical dance has its origins in the Italian Renaissance , although its development was recorded in France and Russia.
  • Favors elegance, the beauty and flexibility, as well as memory.
  • You can find ballet classes in conservatories, schools or dance associations. The price and quality of the premises and facilities may vary depending on your choice.
  • Has it been a long time since you turned 8? Don’t worry, classical dance can be practiced at any age and can be started at any time, regardless of gender, weight or flexibility. Choose to start with a course in basic classical dance techniques .
  • A private tutor can be very useful for students who are afraid of ridicule or expressing themselves in public, who want to learn at their own pace or according to their availability. Classical dance courses: why practice with a private teacher?

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