Resources for learning SLR photography

Resources for learning SLR photography

Easy to use and suitable for all budgets, the DSLR camera is the essential material for any photography student!

To learn SLR photography with ease, you first have to acquire  equipment adapted to your level.  Nor do you have to buy a high-quality camera at first: the basic options ( white balance , black and white photo, shutter speed …) and a good photo quality are enough to learn the basics of SLR photography. .

Once you acquire the material, you can go to practice with:

  • Art schools specialized in photography,
  • Associations to learn photography,
  • SLR photography teacher ads,
  • SLR photography class online ads,
  • Books specialized in reflex photography,
  • Websites about learning SLR photography.

Our advice: before getting started in SLR photography, get to know your device well!

There are hundreds of  photo tutorials  (in English or Spanish) that explain the options and buttons for each make and model, with downloadable documents or through online videos.

A good knowledge of your device will save you time in SLR photography classes and progress faster  in your field of expertise. Resources for learning SLR photography

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