The best books to get started in photography

The best books to get started in photography

What if you become an expert with books on photography ?

Books to learn photography
In a few hours of reading, you will already know the basic techniques of photography.

Every great photographer has his own  reference book  that accompanies him throughout his development. Biography of the authors, specialties, illustrations …: there are many criteria to take into account when choosing the learning book that suits us best.

Some illustrious photographers, internationally recognized for their talents, embark on the adventure of  writing learning manuals  for beginners. What better than to know his works while developing your artistic eye!

Here are some of the reference books for practicing photography:

  • “Compose, Adjust and Shoot” by Anne-Laure Jacquart
  • “The Best of Digital Photography” by Scott Kelby
  • “Photography Step by Step” by Michael Langford
  • “The Eye of the Photographer” by Michael Freeman
  • “On Photography” by Susan Sontag
  • “Read This Book If You Want To Take Good Pictures” by Henry Carrol

Learning photography from a book is generally a beginner’s first step. The training manuals are recommended to master the basic techniques of photography in just a few months.

On the other hand, one cannot always perfect photographic art with a simple manual. To become a true professional photographer, it is essential that you complete your self-study with a few photography classes .

So why not develop your artistic personality through photography classes for beginning students? The best books to get started in photography

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