the best songs to dance

the best songs to dance

Who has never dreamed of mastering a famous choreography like a true dance professional?

The choice of music is essential to prepare for an entrance exam to a higher conservatory. Indeed, the candidate has to prepare a choreography: inspiring music will allow the future professional dancer to perform a choreography that reveals his passion for dance.

Playlist of the best songs to dance.
Dance and music are two intrinsically linked arts. Think about choosing your melody well to create your own choreography.

Popular dances evolve over the years. For example, to perform the choreography of the famous song Gangnam Style, 20 Minutes advised on September 14, 2012:

Theory is not enough: to know a choreographic sequence by heart, it is best to resort to private dance classes at home. The dance teacher will previously define a certain number of compulsory sessions to master all the steps of a certain music. The song varies according to the student’s favorite style of music: therefore think about consulting the reference songs for dancing .

Many couples choose to go to private classes to learn to dance together thanks to the dance classes as a couple. Well done choreography is the key to impressing everyone on your wedding day!

If you want to know everything about the art of dance, why not take private lessons? If you live in the capital, for example, on our platform you can find dance classes in Madrid . Dare to start with some classes of salsa madrid ! the best songs to dance

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