To develop your imagination

To develop your imagination

If you only think about taking photos when the opportunity comes or when an event is presented that deserves to be immortalized, try to reverse  your point of view! What if you start looking for  interesting things to photograph? You do not have to wait for the occasion, but you can provoke it yourself.

For example, you can go for a walk with the sole objective of  progressing  in photography. You will see the city, landscapes, scenes or people differently. You will be more  attentive  to what is happening around you and you will see more potential subjects.

You can also take  different points of view . Do not just keep your point of view, but try to take a photo at the height of a child, a giant, a dog, an ant. This will multiply the  field of possibilities ! A scene or landscape can change dramatically depending on the  height  from which it is photographed.

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Develop your imagination
Play with the light source to get more or less important shadows in your photo.

And even if you don’t have a camera handy, you can always  think about how to take photos . On the subway going to work, walking down the street or shopping, you can choose a subject and imagine  the photo you could take.

  • From what angle?
  • From what point of view?
  • With what settings?

A  mental snapshot  can help you progress too!

Do not hesitate to take a walk through places that you are not used to. This is the best way to  develop your imagination  and your ideas about photography. A forest that you do not know, a new neighborhood … The environments that you do not know will be perfect  to practice.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself. Photography sometimes requires you to adopt  inopportune postures , such as lying on the floor, perching on a wall … You will be surprised to see that no one is scared and that  you will have more possibilities  to take better photos and it will allow you to see the world from  another angle .

But is the profession of photographer still viable ? To develop your imagination

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