To be able to talk about photography like a professional

To be able to talk about photography like a professional

Photography , like many activities, has a  specific vocabulary . It is difficult to improvise without knowing the exact terms.

Here are some terms that you should know, which are basic to learning photography.

  • The  diaphragm

It is the element of your camera that will determine the aperture of the field, as well as the amount of  light  that will be transmitted to the sensor.

Vocabulary about photography
The diaphragm allows continuous adjustment between full opening and maximum closing.
  • The opening

The aperture corresponds to the  diameter of the lens, which is adjusted using the diaphragm. It is used to control the amount of light that reaches the sensor, as well as the depth of field of the photo.

  • the  approach

It is about defining the element (s) of your photograph on which you want to obtain a  sharpness  more or less precise . Focusing will allow you, for example, to highlight your main subject clearly and make the background more out of focus.

  • The  exposure time

It is the time that your sensor will be exposed to light. Its duration will depend in particular on the  brightness  and  movement  of your subject. For example, if you are photographing a fast moving subject, you will need to use a short exposure time to keep it sharp.

  • The  ISO sensitivity

It is the sensitivity of your camera’s sensor to light. The higher it is, the less light is needed to take the photo. But, even at high sensitivity, low light is more likely to be  grainy  in your photo.

  • The  digital grain

Designates items that alter the sharpness  of details in a photo.

  • The exhibition

It has to do with the brightness of the photo you are about to take. The desired exposure is achieved by combining the aperture, pause time, and sensitivity settings.

It will depend on the brightness of the scene. But you can also play with the exposure depending on the effect you are looking for.

Photographic techniques
Focus on the main subject of your photo to make it stand out. To be able to talk about photography like a professional

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