University Expert in Fitness Program Planning

University Expert in Fitness Program Planning


description: University Expert in Fitness Program Planning

This Higher Fitness Program Planning Course is aimed at those who want to dedicate themselves to the sports field in a professional way. If you want to improve your profession or start working in a gym, as a physical trainer or personal trainer, this is the course you need.

With this higher course you will have at your disposal everything you need to learn about these trades and dedicate yourself professionally to planning fitness and sports programs and activities. In addition, at the end of the course you will receive the title of the University of San Jorge . 


objectives of the upper course: University Expert in Fitness Program Planning

This course allows you to learn how to create and plan fitness activities. You will be a professional trained to direct, plan and coordinate all kinds of sports and fitness activities. 

You will also learn to recognize the needs and trends of the market, adapting your establishment and your programs to the demands of customers . You will be able to improve the activities and programs of a gym or sports center or to create and plan your own.

With this fitness program planning course , we will train you as a professional capable, not only of  directing, planning, coordinating and implementing physical activity programs  , but also knowing how to  analyze market trends , improve the offer of activities in a center and work in a personalized way, increasing the motivation of users through personalized activities.


professional outings: University Expert in Fitness Program Planning

With this course, you will be able to perform a wide variety of professions related to fitness and sports. Among others, you can get jobs such as:

  • Director or manager in sports , fitness and health centers , both public and private
  • Coordinator of sports offer in sports, fitness and health centers, both public and private
  • Coordinator of technical fitness services in sports centers or companies
  • Director of business in sports centers
  • Aquatic activities technician
  • Responsible for operating activities
  • Responsible or coordinator of personal training

Also, do not forget that this higher course guarantees you to carry out professional practices.


diploma and accreditation

Upon completion of this higher course, you will receive your own degree from the University of San Jorge . In addition, this course gives you 24 ECTS credits (600 hours).

previous requirements

To access University Expert courses,   one of the following requirements must be met:

  • Be over 18 years old

In this case, the title of Expert is issued indicating the content and duration of the study in hours. It does not award ECTS.

Or meet one of these requirements:

  • Be in possession of the Bachelor’s degree or declared equivalent. 
  • Be in possession of a qualification of Superior Technician of Professional Training , or of Superior Technician in Plastic Arts and Design or Superior Sports Technician
  • Be over 25 years of age with at least 1 year of accredited professional experience related to the content of the training
  • Be a university graduate or be studying a degree at the San Jorge University itself

If this last access requirement is met, the degree issued will be University Expert. Otherwise, the student will obtain the Expert degree.

teaching materials

Access the methodology of this course easily and simply. The materials have been designed by professionals in the sector and you will also have continuous tutoring throughout the course.

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