What are the photos that have made history?

What are the photos that have made history?

Surely there is a photo that has marked you and that you will never forget.

There is some style of photography that makes us think “Ah! Yes!” immediately without knowing everything he hides.

From Yann Arthus-Bertrand to Robert Doisneau, who are the photographers who have made history thanks to an image?

  • Le Baiser de l’Hôtel de ville (“The kiss of the town hall”), by Robert Doisneau.
  • The Girl and the Vulture, by Kevin Carter,
  • The Green-Eyed Afghan Girl by Steve McCurry
  • The Man in the Tank by Jeff Widener
  • The Heart of Voh, by Yann Arthus Bertrand,
  • VJ Day in Times Square, by Alfred Eisenstaedt,
  • Nick Ut’s Napalm Burned Girl
  • The young Omayra Sánchez de Nevado del Ruiz, by Frank Fournier,
  • Militant de Manaus, by Luiz Vasconcelos,
  • The Execution of Saïgon, by Eddie Adams,
  • The Death of Aylan, by Nilüfer Demir,
  • The portrait of Che, by Alberto Korda,
  • The Falling Man by Richard Drew
  • Chuck O’Rear’s Windows Wallpaper
  • The Immolation of Thich Quang Duc, by Malcom Browne.

You should know that, behind each of these photographs, there is a story hidden. The story of a man, a woman, the historical destiny of a Buddhist or a revolutionary.

Stories that have marked us, that have marked humanity, the history of photography. Historical images that we cannot miss . What are the photos that have made history?

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