The evolution of culinary photography

The evolution of culinary photography

Who has never taken a photo of a recipe or a dish that has just been put on the table?

The culinary photography is now widespread day among novice photographers, but also among professionals.

Because, although it may seem incredible to you, there is that profession.

You can become a professional culinary photographer. And who could you work for?

Professional culinary photographers can work independently and thus offer their images to different companies for advertising purposes.

You have to know how to control the light when photographing dishes.
Lighting is essential in food photography.

Restaurants, producers … There are more than enough customers!

Anyway, you can also work full time for a company or make images for cookbooks.

What would a cookbook be without pictures to show the end result?

It is enough to follow a photography course in Madrid  (or in any other city) or attend culinary photography workshops in order to understand how this style works.

Above all, culinary photography is a still life , a style widely used in painting.

It allows you to develop different techniques and understand how to use light. You have to learn and understand the bases to master it perfectly.

Feel free to follow some Instagram accounts for inspiration. Today there are many culinary photography accounts on social networks that can help you get some ideas and thus progress.

Do you want to take an online photography course ? The evolution of culinary photography

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