Sports Marketing Course

Sports Marketing Course

description: Sports Marketing Course

This online sports Marketing course  will allow you to train professionally as a sports marketing specialist for the correct planning, design and execution of plans focused on sports offers. You will have the necessary knowledge to be able to propose different strategies focused on the communication of institutions and sporting events. It is a truly useful, practical and close to reality training that will allow you to know marketing from the perspective of sports companies and will enable you to carry out business analysis and marketing plans.

With this course, you will learn about the main marketing instruments and their influence on decision-making in a sports company, as well as the marketing of sports products and services aimed at sports consumers. In addition, you will be able to understand the possibilities of online marketing of sports entities, analyze the possibilities that the franchise offers to an investor or self-employed in the sports field and the process of applying a marketing plan in a new sports activity.

objective: Sports Marketing Course

This training has the purpose of providing the student with knowledge about marketing instruments and their operation. You will have all the skills for decision-making of sports companies oriented to the commercialization of sports products and services.

You will be able to analyze the possibilities that a franchise offers to an investor or a self-employed person in the sports field, as well as develop and execute marketing plans oriented to the sports field.

  1. Know the commercial analysis processes within marketing.
  2. Evaluate the communicative advantages of a franchise.
  3. Know the process of applying a marketing plan.
  4. Know the different communication channels with users and potential customers.

professional outings: Sports Marketing Course

Once you have successfully passed the  online Sports Marketing course , you will be able to work as a marketing expert in the following positions:

  • Responsible for the marketing department in sports institutions .
  • Marketing Manager in Sports Centers of any discipline
  • Sports Marketing Advisor


San Jorge University degree

Once you finish your studies, you will obtain your  own degree  awarded by  Universidad San Jorge . The title will include the course contents, as well as the ECTS credits obtained, in this case  6 ECTS .

previous requirements

To access one of the  Technical Courses  , one of the following requirements must be met:

  • Be over 18 years old

In this case, the title of Technical Course is issued indicating the content and duration of the study in hours. It does not award ECTS.

Or meet one of the following requirements :

  • Be in possession of the Bachelor’s degree or declared equivalent . 
  • Be in possession of a qualification of Superior Technician of Professional Training , or of Superior Technician in Plastic Arts and Design or Superior Sports Technician
  • Be over 25 years of age with at least 1 year of accredited professional experience related to the content of the training
  • Be a university graduate

In any of these cases, the title of Technical Course is issued indicating the content, duration in hours of study and ECTS credits awarded.

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