Watch musicals for inspiration

Watch musicals for inspiration

Who has not seen movies like Saturday Night Fever, Flashdance or Dirty Dancing?

Dance movies that you cannot miss.
Nothing better than a good movie to motivate yourself before a class with a private dance teacher.

Dance feature films have inspired multitudes of professional dancers. The best thing is to learn from the best!

Some confirmed choreographers have also become real stars thanks to dance movies. We can cite, for example, Benjamin Millepied: this star dancer of the New York City Ballet is now an essential figure of dance, famous even among fans, thanks to his work during the Oscar-winning film Black Swan .

Seeing a mythical musical can initiate you to dance , as well as making you discover many styles of dance and even want to know a famous choreography to prepare the opening of the wedding dance, a dance show or an evening. If you know a choreography made popular by a dance movie, you are sure to impress any audience!

Among the most popular musicals, we can mention:

  • Step Up,
  • Dirty Dancing,
  • Footlose,
  • Steppin ‘,
  • Singing under the rain,
  • Shall We Dance?
  • Honey,
  • Burlesque ,
  • Chicago,
  • Happiness Therapy.

Classic dance , modern jazz or contemporary dance: each dance style has a movie reference!

Most actors in musicals are fond of dancing. Although they are professional doubles, these actors are capable of mastering complex dance steps (such as the toes, the split or the arabesque), in just a few months of intensive classes.

Why not also become a professional dance thanks to group dance classes? Watch musicals for inspiration

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