What style of dance to choose?

What style of dance to choose?

Many Spaniards are passionate about dance. However, dancing is not as simple as we might think. Given the number of dance styles present in dance associations and dance schools, it is sometimes difficult to choose. Musical tastes, personality, place of teaching: it is better to establish a list of your criteria to choose well between the different types of dance .

Our advice: think carefully about the teaching style that the student wants. For example, modern jazz classes are ideal for family dance classes, while salsa or tango classes are couples dance classes.

Take the time to study the specifics of each dance class:

  • Tap classes,
  • Sports dance classes (stretching, zumba, floor bar …),
  • Argentine tango classes,
  • Cuban or Puerto Rican salsa classes,
  • Hip hop classes,
  • Cha-cha classes,
  • Swing classes,
  • Flamenco classes,
  • Bachata classes,
  • Oriental dance classes,
  • Ragga dancehall classes,
  • Ballroom dancing classes, etc.

It is also possible to go to private dance classes to get an idea of ​​a certain dance. At Superprof, more than 92% of teachers offer the first hour of class for free. This first class will serve to know the dance steps, the difficulty and the possibility of evolution of the dance style. What style of dance to choose?

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